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Pushing the envelope.


As a photographer who many years ago used to mix chemistry for film and paper and processing today's digital technology for me is an exciting leap. But then I also love it for what new things it brings, especially the exciting new imagery it provides me as an artist.


My main camera these days is my iPhone. But it is not just for grabbing pics, it is what I can do with them. From there I use a host of new iPhone and iPad apps to alter the images. As I experiment with these apps I continually discover ways of creating new and totally surprising translations.


My current way of working is to take an iPhone pic and process the image on my iPad with an app, port it to another app that changes it, and then port it to another app yet again. Often I really don't know where it will go or end. Surprise is the main part of the process and I love it. For me this is the act of pushing the envelope in image creation, discovery of something completely unusual and different and fascinating.


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About the ARTIST


My works have been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally for nearly 50 years as a photographer, mixed media artist, and more recently as a digital montage and 3D artist.











----------Some exhibitions include--------

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SF

O.K. Harris Gallery, NY

Nelson-Atkins Museum, MI

Chicago Art Institute, IL

No. Carolina School of Design, NC

Center for Photo Studies, HOLLAND

Studio 666, Paris, FRANCE

Gallerie Artoque, Lyon, FRANCE

XVI Recontres International, FRANCE

Photogaleria 68, NETHERLANDS


---------In collections such as---------

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Bibilotech National in Paris

German Photographic Society




























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